Fowlers Bay, South Australia

It's fair trip from where I live over to Fowlers Bay which is situated on the West Coast of South Australia in The Great Australian Bight. So we booked a few weeks off work and made a bucket list of where in the west we hadn't been before and what we could fit into a 2 week road trip. Being so remote it was no surprise to find that the roads into town weren't quite as smooth as some would like, there's very limited phone reception a pretty basic caravan park and the general store .... well sometimes you need to wait till the next truck comes in to get yourself a loaf of bread. But WOW! The scenery makes it worth while.

The sand dunes that tower over the town

We wake every morning in a simple caravan park with the most majestic of scenes poking its head above the parks fence line and into the skies. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and I just can’t get enough of looking at these unworldly looking mountains of white white sand that tower over the town and leaves a find layer of sand over everything.

So much fun had on the dunes, along with a hell of a work out.

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Jetty Views

Fishing is long time favourite thing to do in our family, for me so I can daze out and stare at the ocean, Anthony because he loves the rush and being able to serve up dinner on the BBQ and the kids because just like hanging out with their Dad. 


Anthony catches us dinner while I snap away more than too many photographs of the naturally clear aqua waters on Scotts Bay just a short and fun drive over the sand dunes. 

The slower pace, fresh air and breathtaking scenery was exactly what we needed!

Tash x