Fishery Beach, Cape Jervois, South Australia 

When everyone in my house gets a little loopy (especially me) one of my favourite things to do is chuck us in a car and road trip it to somewhere we can surround ourselves in nature. 


So this is what we did this winters day 2021. We headed off towards the Inman Valley where we stopped for a smoothy at the Belicious Cafe at Glacier Rock, got ourselves a table for our planning meeting and opened Google Maps where I seriously pin pointed a name on the map of somewhere we hadn't gone before and once smoothies were done we hit the road for that destination. 

Sometimes this can be a disaster, but 99% of the time we find ourselves getting totally caught up in the fun of an adventure, of exploring and not really knowing what we'll find when we get there and this in it'self is one of our favourite things about these trips. 

On this particular trip it was great to learn that this beach is a popular fishing beach but way before that was home to a whaling station in the 1800's. They say some ruins remain today but I have to spoil the fun a little as it's a very very tiny bit of history left to see, however our imagination was let loose. This beach also became a shopping port for the export of ore from the nearby Talisker Mine and on clear days you can see Kangaroo Island across Backstairs Passage. 

So although maybe not a destination in itself, if you too feel like a road trip around the Cape Jervois to Deep Creek area it's worth driving down the hill, past the herds of cattle and checking out the pebbled beach, amazing sharp jagged rocks poking out of the coastline and learning a little about South Australia's history.