The Island Grass 1

The Island Grass 1


I spent the winter of 2020 (when that awful C word hit the world) walking a lot, I needed to de-stress and de-clutter my mind after some big life changes all happened around the same time. One of the places that calmed me the most was Granite Island, I'd drop the kids at school and walk across the causeway and do a lap of the island, on these walks I became infatuated with the grasses, their textures that I'd never noticed before, the way they changed over the weeks that I watched and how the local little flightless birds would pop in and out of these waving strands in hope of avoiding us humans. So I began to take the camera and photograph them, I'd duck down low and feel like I'd escaped to a secret little world. 


I've photographed a series of these and hope to have them all in the shop soon.


Photographed on Granite Island, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. 


  • Limited Edition Signed Print - 100 Only


  • Printed on Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm Fine Art Paper right here in South Australia 
  • A4 - A2 sizes are printed locally on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


  • Please Note this print is sold Un-Framed but I know a few fab local framers if you need a suggestion 
  • "The Island Grass 1" may also be available in A1 & A0 sizes, however please bear with me as I finish my test printing for coming weeks. Large format prints will be printed in Adelaide and details of the paper may change as we negotiate the best way forward.